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Unit 12 deals with the productive skills such as writing and reading and therefore is similar to Unit 11, which deals with the other receptive skills. This as before is important because its showcases both the various strengths and weaknesses when focusing on receptive or productive skills. As a native speaker it is strange to consider that most of the learning once does is focused on the receptive skills, however as a L2 learner the skills become intertwined. Understanding the ways in which these skills work in practice can be invaluable.This unit provides me with an in-depth and clear introduction to conditionals and reported speeches, both of which are complicated grammar points. The Conditionals describes the result of something that might happen (present or future) or might have happened but didn't (past). Reported speech is transformed from direct speech to report what another person has said.Due to the complicity and variety, it is very important that we expose students to frequent exercises and reinforce the grammar points through a variety of activating activities.