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I think the section of this unit was pretty clear and easily understandable. I battled with the coaches in question 6. I really didn't know the answer to this question. And then onto the Boomerang part of the test. I always battle with identifying which activity matches with a particular part of a structures ESA lesson. Also, I battled with the part where you asked to identify the second study phase as I know a Boomerang lesson has one study phase. So this threw me off a little bit.In this unit, I learned that seating arrangements can be very conducive to a well organized and disciplined class. If the classroom is cramped with too many desks, or the teacher cannot be seen by all the students, or even if the teacher has a difficult time moving freely around the room, it can cause problems with the students paying attention, hearing and seeing what the teacher is saying, and can also contribute to the students feeling shy, unwelcome, or all around uncomfortable.