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In this section teaching receptive skills was the main focus. Reading and listening actives are abundant, but teaching them can create a challenge, even for the best teachers. I like how the reading material separated the reading and listening into 'for a purpose' and 'for entertainment', I think this will be very beneficial to me as a teaching when trying to explain to the students, just by breaking it down. I also liked that it mentioned choosing topics that varied in interest so everyone was engaged and not just one group of students.This section taught me about different kinds of tests and evaluations. When teaching someone english, it is important to find a good starting point. A way of going about this, is to give them a placement test. Thus, identifying what level the student is at. Diagnostic tests are similar in that they gauge where students previous knowledge about a topic is at. These are given at the beginning of a course, for the same reasons as a placement test. We also learned about different English courses and their different purposes around the world.