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A.L. - Korea said:
This unit talks about lesson planning with important functions and what the lesson plan should include. It hints at what the teachers? duties are and what the teachers should include in the lesson plan before starting to give the lesson. It also presents a sample lesson plan to follow followed by some grammatical rules to use. I learned from this unit that the lesson should be well-prepared to match the teacher?s obligations in the teaching process and the students? needs in the learning process following well-organized steps. In my opinion, the teacher should include some funny learning activities for the students in the lesson plan to vary the general atmosphere because the more refreshing activities provided in the lesson plan, the more the learners get motivated and involved in the learning process and the teacher can achieve, in this case, the lesson requirements and notice the students? progress. After that, the teacher can move on to the next step making sure that the previous steps were applied as wanted and needed.