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This course tackles the advantages and disadvantages of using authentic course books and created materials in class. I agree that using a course book material is quite helpful for the tutor but it can also be a bad thing for the student especially if the content of the material doesn't fit the student's level. In this case, the teacher should really do his/her best to adapt the lesson/topic to the student's level or better yet, prepare his/her own material to either discuss the topic or to change it altogether for the student's progress.I learned a lot about decomposing English sentences into their grammatical components (e.g.article, pronoun, subject, verb,noun etc.). As a native English speaker, I speak and write without thinking about these parts of speech. However, when English is not your first language, these grammar rules are the building blocks of the English language. Although I could generally identify adverbs, personal pronouns and possessive pronouns etc. it was really important for me to understand how to identify these parts of speech and when to use them.