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This unit talks about the different teaching aids its advantages and disadvantages. There are aids like white boards, Overhead projectors, cassette recorders, videos and dvd's, video recorders,c.d players,worksheets and flashcards,dictionaries, course books, resource books,photocopiers, computers and online resources. The unit also talks abouts the benefits and drawbacks of all the above mentioned resources. There are also a lot of links given for the relevant resources.This unit was useful as it provided me with reasons as to why the course textbook is vital and yet should not be completely depended on. This unit demonstrates that while the course textbook is important and assists with having a syllabus, and tried and tested material, that it is also important to be able to have created content such as crosswords, word puzzles, role-play cards, and flash cards to accompany the course textbook to help the students succeed even further.