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Classroom management is one of the hardest aspects of teaching for many new teachers. When I began working as a substitute teacher, this was easily the hardest aspect of the job to become effective at. If you struggle with classroom management, you can lose control of your students and the classroom can devolve into chaos. The sections here on establishing rapport and creating opportunities for student talk time are especially important as those can be two of the most useful means of keeping a class engaged and interested in the lesson.Many times it isn't enough to just know the material that one is presenting in the classroom, it needs to be introduced in an effective manner. The teacher's attitude is very important, because it can show very easily and make students feel intimidated and confused, and can also affect them in other ways, such as a desire to be afraid of learning. No one wants this to happen, and the teacher's role is to not just put student's needs first, but to help them engage in the lesson so they learn the language well so they can be successful.