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The aim of this unit is to introduce and give the learner an exhaustive description of the four present tenses of the English Language. Each tense is analysed taking into consideration its formation, its usage and the typical mistakes/errors the students are likely to make when using it. Examples are clear and result of great help. Then a short list of teaching ideas for the activate stage of the lesson is presented. The video of this unit results clear and concise and very useful for the further explanation of the suggested activities.Authentic materials and created materials are things that can be supplemental or replacements for coursebooks, provided by the teacher. If a coursebook is not providing the best information for the specific group of students, then it is the teacher's responsibility to come up with or find better materials to better support their learning. This can be by finding already pre-made things like brochures or menus from businesses or restaurants, or creating their own resources like crosswords puzzles, worksheets to fill out, or games to play.