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Grammar is an essential element of English. Students need to know the meaning, spelling, pronunciation, use and interaction. There are many methods to Engage, Study, and activate a student. Some study exercies are gap-fill, matching sentences, crosswords, study techs. While activation technique would be role play, simulation, use of posters or advertisements. There are different methods used in ESA also. Straight arrow, boomerang and patchwork. These can be used in teaching function and can be most effective in boomerang and patchwork.Effective use of equipment and visual aids in the classroom setting will make the classroom experience more enjoyable and engaging for the students. Different schools and institutions will have or provide equipment, visual aids, and resources for a teacher's use. The one important piece of equipment is a board (or flip chart) which helps by drawing and keeping the attention of students. Overall, whether the equipment and visual aids are low or high tech, teachers should have good training, well laid out plans, and a solid back up plan.