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This module was a great review on English Grammar. It gave great examples of nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, and prepositions/conjunction. It also gave me ideas on how to teach each concept during a class. For example, writing a sentence and having the students to come up and underlining or circle the different categories of words. Grammar lessons could be broken down into number of parts so that it's not too overwhelming for the students. When I look back at the grammar lessons, it does not seem as bad.This unit was very difficult. I will definitely need to come back to it and digest it more. Phonology is the study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Intonation is normally considered the variation of volume and pitch in a whole sentence. Stress is normally concerned with individual words. Linked speech is great to teach students so their speech can sound more natural. The speech organs cause us to make different sounds. Knowing how this works can greatly help us teach and learn a new language.