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This unit was very helpful for me because I learned a lot of this in a previous unit so I feel as if this unit pulled from my prior knowledge and expanded upon it. I really feel as if I have a better grasp of the material since I already was familiar with some of it. I also really like how this course breaks up units so they aren't all the same type of thing, because if I only learned parts of speech over and over, I would start to get bored. Since the curriculum is like this, I don't get bored and I feel as if I understand it better.The future tenses have different ways of expression. The Future Tenses except four regular forms (Future Simple, Future Continuos, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuos) have the structure 'be going to future', the Present Simple form and the Present Continuos form. Every future tense has it's own usage. And a good teacher doesn't let student confuses the time tenses, that's one of the main goal. So from time to time the teacher should remember all of the rules and usage of the time tenses and be sure that own knowledge is correct.