TESOL Kalorama District Of Columbia

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This lesson helped me with better understanding teaching new language, vocabulary, grammar and functions. It helped me again with better understanding ESA lesson - \"whatever the level of the class, there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it is produced and be able to practise and produce it.\"§1490882424 4921862§87749§1117§"This unit broke down ESA functions into vocabulary, grammar and language functions. This was very helpful because it provided more insight and more examples of how lessons like gap-fills belong in the study stage. I learned what exactly students need to know about a vocabulary item, for example: Meaning, usage, word grammar, interaction, spelling and pronunciation. I learned the criteria that needs to be considered in selecting vocabulary which is important because without it, I would have just selected words at random. Now I can put all words through a filter before displaying them for my students to learn.