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I.C. - Taiwan said:
This unit introduced the four basic skills needed when learning a new language. These skills can be divided into two categories; receptive ( reading and listening) as well as productive ( speaking and writing). And though productive skills were briefly introduced the majority of this unit focused on the importance of receptive skills, how they're used and the kinds of problems students face when trying to employ them. There are a few different ways that this unit classifies how receptive skills are used. Those different ways are labeled as follows; predictive skills, general idea skimming, specific information scanning, detailed information and deduction from context. When and how each of these receptive skills are used can be dependent upon one's motivation for using them. These motivations are broken down into two catergories, for a purpose and or for entertainment. When looking through a TV guide for a good movie to watch one typically scans for specific information ( titles or perhaps the names of recognizeable actors&actresses), this usage of perceptive scanning is done for a purpose. What one ends up choosing to watch however may determine whether their viewing experience is enjoyed as purposeful or for entertainment.