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J.L. - Netherlands said:
Reading and listening are two receptive skills. People listen and read for different reasons that could be divided into two categories: listening or reading for a purpose (need) or listening and reading for pleasure (entertainment).In class, the teacher has to create a need and an interest in order for the students to really benefit from the lesson. The topics, texts and audio clips the teacher choses need to be appropriate to the language level of the students and their interests. The teacher needs to use a variety of material to answer to different students' interests. If the students find the content boring or too difficult, they are likely to give up. Pre-teaching needed vocabulary is important for comprehension. Although reading may be easier because the the students have access to the text and can read it more than once, readers and listeners use the same set of skills which are predicting the content from a headline, scanning for specific information, skimming for the general idea, deducting from context and listening or reading for specific information.

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