TESOL Kharkiv

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J.C. – U.K. said:
In this unit, i have learned the parts of speech. And these are the following: 1. Noun- name of a person, place, animals, things, qualities, states. (example: Mary, Turkey, happiness, family) 2. Adjectives - use to describe nouns such as people and things. (example: small, pretty, dark) 3.Articles - there are two types of articles in English: definite (the) and indefinite (a and an). and the use of these articles depends on whether you are referring to any member of a group, or to a specific member of a group. 4. Verbs - is an action word. (example: go, watch,swim, play) 5. Adverbs- add meaning or information to the action. (example: slowly, quickly, above, up, then) 6. Gerunds - s the 'ing' form of a verb used as a noun. (example: playing, stealing, cooking) 7. Pronouns - are words that are used instead of more precise nouns or noun phrases. (example: i, me, you, she, her,mine, yours) 8. prepositions - shows the relationship between a noun or a pronoun and some other words in the sentence. (example: at, on, in, from, before) (. conjunctions - join words or groups in a sentence. (example: and, but, or, nor, yet)