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H.D & D.S. - Hong Kong said:
In Unit 10 I watched two classes taught with the same language objective to the same group of students. In the first video the teacher was rather short and discouraging when the students couldn?t give examples of Modal Auxiliary Verbs. His explanations were not clear and his knowledge of the subject matter was questionable since he forgot to list the ?we? form and could not answer the difference between ?can? and ?could?. I also feel like the students were buried in worksheets without really understanding the grammar. In the second lesson the teacher smiled and was more inviting and took the time to learn and address the students by their name. The explanations were clear and the fluctuation in his voice was more pleasant and interesting. The students seemed to enjoy participating and were quick to learn the language point. Although the second lesson could have been improved upon, the two lessons show that the teacher?s attitude has the most influence on the class. In a comfortable environment the students are more willing to answer questions and speak and therefore are more open to learning.