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Firstly, in all of the grammar points that mentioned in TEFL course, I think Model Verb is relevantly the easier one to digest for students compare to the Conditions. But still sometimes they are still confusing about the degree of certainty when they try to express themselves. To help students with this, giving them different kinds of examples, setting up special situations for them to practice in the reality is needed.Secondly, Relative Clause is also not that hard for students to understand. But the most difficulty students may encounter is the order of putting the relative clause in a sentence. After all, the order is totally different from Chinese language. As the teacher, we need to give them more examples to help them think in a right order, build up an English thinking ability. Thirdly, I barely see students using phrasal verb a lot to express themselves. I think this will be one of my future focuses to help students speak like a native speaker using phrasal verbs.