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In unit 6, it's about Past Tenses. Past tenses is obviously related to the past times/periods. below, the following tenses are written with their usage and examples: 1.Past Simple, we ad d or ed (i.e. I cooked dinner at 7pm. which is an affirmative), I didn't study (negative) 2. Past Continuous, we add was/were + verb+ing when it's affirmative (ex. While I was cleaning the house, my friend came. negative: we add was/were not (ex.He was not eating when I arrived at the restaurant.) 3. Past Perfect, we add had+past participle when it's affirmative (ex. I had lost 10lbs. from the new diet.) negative: we add had+not +past participle (I was sad because my husband hadn't arrived) 4. Past Perfect Continuous, we add had+been+verb+ing in affirmative case (ex. Before going to the mall, she had been talking to her friend for half an hour.) and for negative case: we add had+not+been+verb+ing (ex. Before taking the exam, she had not been studying properly that's why she failed.)