TESOL Leizhou

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J.A.- Uganda said:
This unit focused on the many different teaching resources and materials that are used in classrooms. It began focusing on the basics within a classroom (ie a board, pictures, books, dictionaries etc) and explained how these should be used. It also went on to look at the different types of technology that can be used. I particularly enjoyed the resources offered as well as the advice for using these devices. I think the unit is absolutely right; you must familiarize yourself with the classroom technology as much as possible before teaching. Many schools will expect you to understand how everything works without training you. I think the unit did a good job of emphasizing the way technology can benefit your class. Technology is an ever growing part of education. It?s important that teachers embrace it rather than fear it. The unit concluded by offering many different online resources for teachers. Each source was organized according to subject matter; the unit also provided a description of each source to assist the reader. Once again I will definitely keep this unit as a teaching resource.