TESOL Leling

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D.S. - Kazakhstan said:
This unit showcases that there are plenty more aspects of teaching to consider rather than simply knowing the content alone. The classroom dynamics and how you approach the students to gain their attention and respect are vital ingredients for a successful learning environment. As a teacher, you must understand when is the best time for you, yourself, to do the talking, and when you have to let the students initiate the conversation themselves, whether among the whole class or in pairs or group work. The way the classroom is organized in terms of seating and space can have a profound effect on the intimacy between students and teacher. Therefore, the teacher must choose which will most satisfy the conditions and size of his or her class. Teachers must also be diligent in establishing rapport between them and their students because the best learning outcomes will prevail in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. At the same time, teachers must also properly enforce the discipline that they are able to enact when necessary and remember to be strict with the policies in place. Overall, teachers have a lot of control over student participation and the classroom atmosphere that it is important for them to adhere to the best possible methods befitting their situations.