TESOL Liupanshui

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T.B. - South Korea said:
As in unit 11 to unit 12,unit 12 is talking on the productive skills which are base on two kinds of skills: speaking and the writting skills.Therefore ,in a speaking activity skills,if a teacher wants to introduce it ,the following are considered: a purpose of communication,somthing needed to say,interest of what is said. Also, when using the writing and the speaking skills ,we must consider the accuracy and the fluency base,accuracy is part of the study phase while fluency in the activate phase.There are also some speaking activities in the classroom that must not be forgoten,which are base on the controlled activities,guided and creative communication activities. In addition, we also have reasons why some students are reluctant to speak in class,for example: students lack confidents,and the fear for making mistakes but, there are some techniques for a teacher to help students overcome these , by encuraging them to interact in class,by pair work, ,group work, and making speaking activities desirful or purposeful. lastly,on the other hand,we should not forget the writing skills,when writing,the following must be concidered;the handwriting, spellings,layout , pronunciations, and creative writing.In a typical creative writing, we use a sraight line ESA lesson plan,we should not also forget of the types of games ,that will make your class interesting. In this unit,i have leared how to use the productive skills, speaking and writting to teach myb students in class.