TESOL Liuyang

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K.G. - Norway said:
15:30 Reasons for communicating ? Some communicative purpose ? They have something to say ? They want to listen to something ? They are interested in what is being said. Should bring a need and desire to communicate. Make a reason to communicate. Accuracy: Focus on producing correct language. Usually controlled. Fluency: Allowing students to experiment and be creative with language. Focus on effectiveness and flow, not accuracy. Both are equally important. Activities: ? Controlled. Drilling, have student repeat as class. ? Guided activities. Accuracy based but more creative and productive. Model dialogues, guided role-play. ? Creative communication. Fluency based. Scenario created by teacher, content made by students. Free role-play, discussions, info gap, debates, simulations, communication games. Encouraging interaction: ? Pair and group work ? Controlled and guided practice before fluency activities ? Make speaking practice purposeful ? Change classroom dynamics ? Careful planning ? Allow students time to think about what they are going to say