TESOL Ludhiana

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R.J. - United Kingdom said:
In this lesson I learned that the teacher's attitude and preparation will have a profound effect on the success of the class. In terms of attitude I saw that when the teacher created rapport with the students and was present the students were also more motivated to participate. It will not always be as such but the teacher's attitude in the first and the second lesson made a difference, both negatively and positively. In terms of preparation, it is clear that in the second example the teacher was much more prepared and that he considered the number of students, the theme he was presenting, the goals he wished to achieve and how to assess if they were being achieved, the most appropriate method and material needed. Additionally, he was not strict but flexible, unlike in the first example. All this to say that unlike the first lesson it felt that the teacher wanted to be there and was ready for the class, and that made a difference in the second lesson. Lastly I just wanted to say that the title of this unit is somewhat misleading. I thought this unit was about how to properly prepare for video/online lessons.