TESOL Luoding

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R. C. - Australia said:
This lesson clearly demonstrated the difference between an effective class and a highly ineffective class. In the first class the teacher was rude, scowled constantly, and made the students feel uncomfortable with his unreasonable demands and demeanor. He did not explain things clearly at all. He asked students to give him an example of something (modal auxiliary verbs) without explaining what this was, and made the students feel like they should already know it well because it was \"very easy.\" Throughout the lesson his explanations were disjointed, incoherent, and badly presented. He seemed disinterested in the class and unhappy with the students. In contrast, in the second class he engaged the students warmly and humorously from the first moment. He introduced himself and got everyone's name and practiced pronouncing everyone's name, demonstrating interest in the students. He generated attention with a simple eliciting exercise and gradually moved on to more complex material in a clear and engaging way. He involved every student in the lesson and answered questions. He also demonstrated knowledge of the topic that was not demonstrated in the first lesson. He demonstrated more creativity and overall engagement. He came up with a creative exercise in the end of the class which he had thought through and produced on his own first in order to explain and demonstrate. He smiled and was warm and encouraging, unlike the first class.