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A.B. – U.S.A. said:
There are two categories of classes - new groups and existing groups. New groups are a fresh start where students do not know one another. In the first lesson, the teacher must build rapport between the students and himself/herself. Existing groups are classes where students are likely to know one another and are familiar with EFL teaching techniques. The teacher will have to find out the students' interests, needs, aspiration, and English level to prepare for lessons. This can be achieved with the use of questionnaires, surveys, games, \"warmers\", or the needs analysis. Within every class, there may be gaps between stronger students and the weaker students. The teacher must ensure that the gap doesn't get too big and that the majority of students feel comfortable with the pace and materials. Of course, this can't always be achieved, but it should be taken into account when teaching a class. With larger classes, it will be harder to divide classroom control. Some solutions to this problem can be worksheets, appointing group leaders in pair/group work, and using clear, clarified directions.