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B.P. - U.S. said:
This unit covers the basic tenants to keep in mind when lesson planning. While lessons should remain open and flexible on the whole in order to best cater to the needs of the students, creating lesson plans are still beneficial in order to provide a rough outline of the class and to establish the objectives that you wish for the students to cover by the end of the lesson. Having lesson plans also creates a record of everything that the class will have covered so that you can plan for the future more efficiently or relate to another, such as a substitute teacher, what the class has done. The most important aspects to keep in mind while lesson planning are flexibility and variety. As a teacher, you want to provide the best lessons to your students by modeling the content to their needs, meaning that your original personal plans might change from lesson to lesson or even within the same lesson. Therefore, lesson plans should act more as a guideline than a script. Including variety is also essential in order to cover all topics and practice all skills as well as keep the students enthralled and engaged in the lessons. Utilizing different activities in every stage of the ESA lesson plan will help improve the liveliness of lessons for students.