TESOL Macheng

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C.J. – U.S.A. said:
In this unit I learned about the different types of external tests that an English Language student can take, depending on why they need to learn English e.g. a Certificate in Advanced English can be obtained by those who are applying for a course at a university in the UK, as this certificate would be a requirement for non-native speakers of English. Internal tests delivered by the teacher can also be used to determine the abilities of the students, and can also help the teacher to prepare relevant materials for the students, by using diagnostic tests at the start of the course. It is important to use several types of tests to measure different things, e.g. how much the students are learning, and to see if they are ready for external examinations (through practice tests). Tests should be done appropriately and should never make the student feel worthless or like it is all their fault if they don't do as well as they wanted. The teacher can make amendments to the materials and content, based on outcomes of the tests, and if needed spend some 1:1 time going through specific issues.