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This is a very in depth look at the Present Tense of verbs. It builds well on what was started in Unit 2, and brings back memories of learning about grammar in Middle School. I think the warning in the introduction was well placed. As a Middle School student learning this for the first time I was lucky that I already knew the irregular forms and the which words to use in different situation; all native speakers have that advantage. It was tough then, but only because I had to learn the rules behind the language I could already speak. I can see the difficulty non-native speakers would have, given the different tenses in their own language. The best comparison I can think of was from taking French language classes. The grammar rules surrounding French verbs were comparatively simple, and even the irregular verb tenses had a pattern sometimes. It really drove home the difference in the languages, and how the speaking component of the activities is crucial to their understanding of the written usage.