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This unit discusses the conditionals and the reported speech, the common problems teachers might encounter and some teaching ideas that would help them teach these topics. There are 5 common conditionals which are as follows: the Zero Conditional, First Conditional, Second Conditional, Third Conditional and the Mixed Conditional. It explains thoroughly the conditional's structures and usages. The unit also talks about reported speech. In reporting a direct speech, we can change the tense of the verb for example if the sentence is in the present simple, we can then change the tense to the past simple tense. This is also called as 'back shifting.' We can also change the pronouns and the time expressions being used in the direct speech when reporting something to someone. I've learned clearly the structures and usages of the conditionals here. Also how to report speech to someone. Before teaching these topics to our students we have to fully understand it and slowly and thoroughly do it with your students.