TESOL Marrakech

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S.L. – U.S.A. said:
This unit covered the roles of teachers and students as well as provided a brief overview of a variety of teaching methodologies. The rapport between a teacher and the learners is an important part of the classroom environment and is very necessary to keep in mind while planning lessons in order to think of solutions for any possible challenges based on those dynamics. There are advantages and disadvantages for both the teacher and the learner whether the classroom is filled with many students or is simply one-on-one. The most interesting part of the unit for me is the description of the teaching methodologies and how they have developed over time based on new theories and the debate between nature vs. nurture. This unit helped me clarify the distinction between language acquisition and language learning which also informs those different approaches. This is another part of the debate, which I believe could be particularly interesting if it where related to studying the effectiveness of each methodology for different language learners regarding age and classroom dynamics.