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D.S. - Kazakhstan said:
Pronunciation and phonology are important aspects of the English language that don?t get taught enough in the classroom. Intonation is the changing in volume and pitch in a sentence while stress is focused more on individual words. They give the listener more information about the feelings and thoughts of why a speaker says what. However, if one can?t pronounce the words properly, it will be difficult to express yourself in that way. This is why there is the phonemic alphabet. Since English isn?t a phonetic language, the phonemic alphabet pairs sounds with specific symbols so learners can pronounce words correctly. In addition, it?s helpful knowing how those sounds are produced. This is where articulation placement and manner come in. The place of articulation describes the physical location where a sound is produce while the manner of articulation describes how the air is restricted to produce such sounds. I learned that I use a lot of sound joining in my speech. An example of linking would be ?pla ya song? instead ?play a song.? Also, an example of sound changing would be ?budder and compuder? instead ?butter and computer.?

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