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J. L. - U.S.A. said:
Unit 17: Equipment and teaching aids The board: all board work should be planned and organized in advanced Interactive whiteboard: the teacher should test the lesson before the class starts. She/he should also have a back up plan already. Overhead proyector: there are some advantages: it focuses the students attention, OHTs can be prepared in advance, it helps the teacher avoid having his/her back to the students, OHTs can model grammar and present vocabulary, they can be used for time reading and gap fill exercises, etc. The disadvantage is that some OHPs can be difficult to set up effectively. Visual aids: real objects, pictures and photos. They illustrate meaning more quickly than through verbal explanation. They can stimulate discussion and elicitation. They can set the context and help with the memory process. Worksheets and work cards: they can be bought from a publisher or done by the teacher Videos and DVDs: they help to present new information, give background to a topic, build listening comprehension skills. Video camera: students can record a film as part of an activity or project. The teacher can also record the students during an activity and then play it back for analysis and discussion. There more such as: Dictionaries Course books Resource books Photocopiers Computers CD players