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From this unit I have learnt that future tenses are one of the most complex areas of the English grammar. There are seven different tenses to form sentences containing future actions. Some of those forms are linking knowledge from previously covered units, espacially the present tenses. Usually there are different forms available for what somebody wants to say, but the \"be going\" + Infinitive and the present continuous form are the most frequently used. Also present tenses such as the present simple and the present continuous can be used to form future tenses. Students may be confused by the number of different ways to form this tense. Also blending the present tense could lead to problems in comprehension. Therefore it might be a good idea to teach some of the tenses together as long as it makes sense, for example the \"be going to\" future and the future simple. Furthermore letting students read texts or making them listen to songs which contain the specific tense can be a useful teaching method.