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J. B. - Japan said:
The productive skills, speaking and writing, was the topic for this unit. Speaking and writing were shown to show many similarities with only a few main differences. The speaking section was devoted to listing the different kinds of activities that students can participate in to increase their accuracy and fluency, while the writing section listed the main differences between speaking and writing: handwriting, spelling, and punctuation. The speaking section of the unit also provided techniques on how to encourage students to become more comfortable to speak up during class, as well as with one another, which I believe can also be used to help the students with their writing. What I found most valuable, were the guidelines listed in the speaking section of the unit on how a teacher should prepare for a creative speaking activity. I felt that the guidelines could help with preparing a creative writing activity as well. Ensuring that the instructions are understood by the students, calculating the amount of time that the students will need to prepare for and complete the activity, assisting when needed, and providing positive feedback. These are all needed for both types of productive skills.