TESOL Nagpur

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H.R. - Korea said:
In this unit, I found so many useful tactics that have been offered, which allows both teachers and students to have the best atmosphere and a healthiest environment in order to accomplish the teaching results. I?ve been equipped with a numerous skills that cover different areas of the class management. Moreover, teachers are required to fully understand those techniques, specifically of how to utilize his/her presence and voice in the classroom to achieve the goals . In addition to that, the seating arrangement has to be varied from one class to another. There is no ideal seating arrangement, it depends on different circumstances of a particular class. Furthermore, arranging students in different grouping has its pros and cons, selecting one grouping style must be based on different factors. In addition to the previous points, building rapport with student is one of the key elements towards success. Being stable, relaxed, genuine and presentable would definitely help establishing a wonderful relation between both teachers and students. And thus, it would reduce some of the problem behaviors that could arise for many reasons with the students.