TESOL Nakhon Ratchasima

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A.R. - South Korea said:
Unit 19: This unit discusses teaching a wide variety of special groups including beginner students all the way to business professional students. Special groups all have their own needs and the teacher should be aware of them before beginning to to them English. Teaching beginning students can be a challenge, as they may resort to their native tongue, in this instance the teacher must stand firm on only the use of English in the classroom. When teaching individual students, the teacher must be aware of the Activate phase. This phase will differ a great deal when compared to a large group settling where there are many student to participate. Business professionals meanwhile, have their own set of hurdles to overcome. The range of age and English ability will be at opposite end of the spectrum. In this case, it is the teachers responsibility to find out what each individual student want to learn. The teacher must also make note of what the weak areas for the entire class are. The teacher is in effect playing a juggling act between individual needs and groups needs.