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In unit 12 we studied further the importance of our receptive, and productive skills. This time with our focus on productive skills-speaking and writing. All are equally important, with some main concern in writing. Do to the highly diverse ways throughout all languages in the world. Still none the less need to be focused on just as much as any other area. When two or more people are communicating with each other we can ensure that they are for a few reasons. A desire, or need for something. They want to say, or listen to something. There is an interest in what is being communicated. The teacher must create a strong need, and desire to learn. As the general focus for the area of writing may be neglected. The use of games may always be incorporated in our lessons as children, teenagers, and adults alike are popular. Also the use of pairs, and groups can help ease the fear of making mistakes, and/or losing interest. A positive/encouraging environment will thus prove essential in this area of English Learning.