TESOL Nanjing

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A.D. - France said:
This unit provides a vast varieties of methodologies, theories and techniques which are essential for teaching, thus inspires ideas to improve teaching techniques. The methodologies instructed by the unit allow the instructor to choose the most appropriate one according to different circumstances, culture, and needs of the students. Moreover, the method of ESA allows the teacher to design the lesson using a Straight Arrow way, which is to Engage, Study and Activate. Furthermore, the instructor can also apply a more flexible method by predicting the problems the class might encounter with the Boomerang sequencing: Engage, Activate, Study, and Activate. On the other hand, the teacher may utilize a even more dynamic method, using the Patchwork ESA Lesson method, applying multiple sequences as long as it begins with Engage and finishes with Activate. The unit also explains the importance of correction techniques, differentiating between mistakes and errors. At the end, the section present the methods, occasions, and formats to correct errors or mistakes of a lesson, nonetheless a teacher should know that giving encouragement to students is as important as making corrections.