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J.O. - U.S.A. said:
We all especially ESL teachers should have known by now that the teaching of English involves about four main skills which (reading, listening, speaking and writing) and two enabling skills (grammar and vocabulary). Even though as successful ESL lesson makes use of the four main skills, the ideal ESL teacher may choseone of these skills as the aim skills for the day while from time to time using the other three skills in the course of the lesson. This unit therefore focuses two of these skills which are often considered as receptive skills because students' attention are actually directed towards reading or listening to materials tailor and designed to suit their needs and levels. This unit therefore makes it simple and easy to understand for the ESL teacher or the potential one with suggestions on how to successfully teach these two skills. It thus provides a wide range of ideas and guidelines on effectively teaching these skills. Some of which include scanning, skimming, predicting, understanding and responding, just to mention a few. It emphasizes on the ESL teacher or would be one to consider the learners' age, level of English and other aspects when designing the materials to be used for these exercises and tackles some of the anticipated problems that may arise in the course of these processes which are very useful.