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J.U. - Germany said:
The unit discusses the pros and cons of teaching adults. For example, adult learners are usually attending English class by choice and have greater motivation and attention spans than children. On the other hand, adult learners may have many responsibilities and little time to study. The unit also discusses teaching individuals compared with teaching groups. Teaching individuals provides the student with the benefit of customized feedback and attention, but it can be challenging if the personalities of the student and teacher don't match. If that is the case, the teacher must explore if his teaching style is not resonating with the student. Teaching groups provides the students with the opportunity to listen to and speak with other students, but it can pose a challenge if there are different language levels within the class. The teacher can overcome the challenge by providing graded assignments that all students can work on, though the lower level students may only complete the easier content. The unit reviews the core skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening, as well as the various teaching methods.