TESOL New Cumberland West Virginia

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There are many conditionals we can use to show possibilities in the past, present and future. The 5 main conditionals commonly used for teaching English are zero, first, second, third and mixed. These vary in the confidence levels that the occurrence will actually happen and reality vs. hypothetical situations. 'If' and 'When' are used to display this at the beginning of the sentences. However, 'When' is only used in zero conditionals as this is stating a factual result. Reported speech is when you relay a statement told to you by another source. However, reported and spoken do differ as the reported form is specific to exactly what has been directly said. This is important to remember. The main changes here are tense, time and place. Generally, the rule is to backshift the tense from what is directly given. There are exceptions to this where no changes are made. Eg. Reporting something which referred to the time frame of today when it is still today etc.