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D.D. - Japan said:
There are pros and cons to use both authentic and created materials. The benefits of the use of authentic materials are that it is real and hence more interesting and motivating, students can gain confidence through understanding 'real' materials, and they can be geared to the interests of a specific group of students. On the other hand, created materials have different benefits such as being graded to the level of students. Course books are consisted of student's book, workbook, self-study CDs, Teacher's book with CDs for lessons. I have used Touchstone course book from Cambridge. It was recommended by someone who was also a teacher. I did not analyzed the coursebook as I did not to know what to consider at that time. (It's very helpful to see the list provided on page 16) It was my first time to teach and I admit that I was heavily relying on the teacher's book, yet I intentionally skipped many sections in order to make progress/finish the course book. I have a better understanding (now that I'm taking this TESOL course) in terms of the advantages/disadvantages and the best use of course books, how to balance the use of course books together with other materials by omitting, replacing, supplementing, and adapting.