TESOL Orchidlands Estates Hawaii

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Much of what teachers are doing to assess the students progress are through tutorials, evaluations from students, and tests. Many of the time the best way to see their progress and their strengths and weakness, allows the teacher to be able to see whether the student is grasping concepts or that certain topics need to be reviewed for better proficiency. Depending on what age group and goals as to why the students are taking this English course, some may have intent to further their English knowledge for future endeavors such as moving to a English speaking country, business, studying aboard, testing for certain certificates that is need to apply for certain types of jobs in their country, or even just to learn as hobby. Whatever the reason may be, feedback is crucial so that the students' can evaluate their progress throughout the course and testing is one of the perfect ways and also for the teacher to focus on topics that may need to be more clarified.