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V.F. – Dominican Republic said:
Constructing sentence using the basic subject-verb structure is easy, but building a sentence to be more interesting and meaningful is challenging. As challenging as it may seem, understanding the other elements and knowing how and when to use them in a sentence can bring confidence. In this unit, there are eight parts of speech covered and explained clearly. The parts of speech are nouns, adjectives, articles, vebs, adverbs, pronouns, gerunds, and prepositions and conjunctions. Each part is governed by more than two rules. These rules serve as the framework in which sentences are structured correctly and logically. I believed that the contextual judgment on the sentences by the speaker weighs more important than the complicated rules. For instance, a sentence that consist multiple modifiers for a particular object must follow a particular order. However, there are different opinions from different grammar references with regards to which adjectives come first and which sounds grammatically correct. Ironically, some parts of speech such as irregular verbs formation do not have rules. Practice and familiarity are relevant key factors to develop confidence for both teachers and learners.