TESOL Ouagadougou

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B.G. - France said:
My understanding of the parts of speech in the English language are greater now that I have read this unit. Although English grammar isn't something I have to think about, being that English is my native tongue, I didn't find it difficult to follow. And even though there are many exceptions in the English language I think it may be learned with memorization and practice. The concept of a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and other parts of speech were made easy to understand with the help of the video and the examples the instructor gave. Some things I did not know but found interesting were how countable and countable nouns are used. While countable nouns are used with the words 'many' and 'a few', uncountable nouns like music are used with words such as 'much' and 'a little'. Gerunds were something I had not thought of before but I now know that not all verb + 'ing' words are used as verbs. In fact, they can be used as a noun (gerund). For example, I enjoy playing poker. One might think the verb is playing but it is actually enjoy- playing becomes a noun. It is the gerund in this sentence.