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This unit discussed pronunciation and phonology. What I got from this unit is that we can not expect that our students get 100% right the pronunciations of new vocabulary. Therefore, we most be realistic when choosing which methods to use to teach the pronunciations of words. While many ways can be used to teach pronunciation; I found 4 to be most helpful. I choose these four out of the rest because I also had to go through the same techniques when I learned a new language. The four methods I found most helpful whereas fallowing. First, reading or speaking in groups with positive feedback and drills of words that were not pronounced correctly. Secondly, over emphasizing parts in a word for the student to see; for example, by using gestures or exaggerating the movement of the mouth when saying or repeating the word slowly. Third, using diagrams that show how a particulate sound is made. Finally, using tongue twisters. In the end, it takes patience and motivation to get the student to speak accurately.