TESOL Pepper Pike Ohio

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This unit focused on materials and equipment that is often found or used in an English classroom and how to use these things effectively. Since I already have some experience teaching in English classrooms, I do have some familiarity with these items. However, my environment is fairly \"low-tech\", so for most lessons, I only work with the board and worksheets. This year, I have had the opportunity to use a video player, and I have found it very useful for sparking student interest. I would like to try find more opportunities to use videos, audio and visual objects to give more variety to my lessons. This section also included an extensive list of online resources. I have used some of these sites before when looking for activities for my lessons, but there were many sources that I hadn't seen before. I'd like to take some more time and look for ones that I could recommend to my students who are looking to find more ways to practice outside of class.