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P.D . – U.S.A. said:
This unit brings up conditionals and reported speech. What we can see is that there are five different conditionals that have five different usages. The mixed conditional one is the most complicated one if you look back at the third. However, it is obvious that they are different as the third points at something that hypothetical past in both the conditional part and the result. The mixed is used for hypothetical past and hypothetical present. When I looked at the example sentences, I noticed the difference by the used tense. What confused me was that the third conditional may also lead to something that might be true in the present. When I see zero conditional I always think in computer language \"If then\" which seems to be a viable way of thinking. For reported speech, it was difficult to remember all the forms which are used. The timing of this guide was perfect as it forced me to think about the previous units and the different tense forms. The graph which explained different time expressions was good. It made it easier to comprehend than if there was only text.