TESOL Pimpri Chinchwad

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T.K. - U.S.A. said:
Unit 19, Teaching special groups has provided me with a detailed overview of the types of EFL student populations (absolute beginners, false beginners, adult beginners, young beginners, beginners without the Roman alphabet, individual students, young learners, children and business professionals) that currently exist in the EFL market and I could potentially be teaching in my EFL career. This course offered me thorough explanations on the best teaching practices to use with each of these populations with ?do?s and don?t instructions? to follow and keep in mind to use during lesson planning preparation, when delivering lessons in the classroom, assessing student performance during the course and creating a need analysis in the case of Business English students to gather data on their background, goals and motivations to study the language. I found the illustration of the typical process stages (level test?needs analysis?groups needs negotiation?lesson planning?progress testing/evaluation?post course evaluation) to follow before starting a Business English course to be extremely valuable and something new I learned in this course that will serve as a new standard and structure for me to follow going forward with future clients. The Sample Business English Needs Analysis Form is also another new tool that I gained from studying this course which provides me with an actual template and language that I can use to create my own form that is customized to my clients needs.