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M.A. - India said:
This chapter continued our examination teaching English by addressing the importance of speaking and writing skills. The unit primary focused on speaking skills highlighting the difference between accuracy and fluency activities. Both are equally important but very different. One emphasizes the speaker?s ability to express themselves using any vocabulary they know. The other focuses on making sure your statements are correct. The unit then provides example activities for the two types of speaking exercises. The unit thoroughly explains how the activities are different based on your goal. This unit also discussed methods for boosting student confidence, encouraging participation, and creating a fun learning environment. It examined the role of games in the classroom and gave several examples of successful English speaking games. Furthermore, like many of the other units, this unit gave a sample lesson plan to help illustrate controlled, guided, and communicative activities. Lastly, this unit looked at the role of writing in the classroom. It offered ways that writing could be problematic as well as encouraging for students. Furthermore, this unit emphasized that writing is very similar to speaking; many of the same ideas of accuracy versus fluency activities also apply to creative writing. And once again, a sample lesson plan was provided to assist the reader.